Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Generous Genealogists (free research assistance)

Generous Genealogists is a new website providing free genealogical help to those in need; all countries seem to be covered.  As well as a forum on which to post your brickwalls (sign-up required but it's free) , you can make contact with a volunteer directly my email.

"...[We] are a community of volunteers who agree to provide free genealogy research, coaching and assistance, as an act of kindness, to "those in need."  But, that simple statement does not define us totally.  We are a vibrant, vital and growing community teaching and helping each other in the best methods and traditions of the genealogists of today, yesterday and hopefully tomorrow.
We are constantly striving for excellence, empathy and understanding of each other, our pasts, our families and who we are.  We are here to help you break through your brickwalls, discuss tools & techniques, provide coaching and learn from each other..."