Monday, 15 October 2012


Going by messages on genealogy mailing lists, it appears not all family researchers are impressed with the latest series of the popular UK television programme 'Who Do You Think You Are?'.  I think it's great that a series of this sort is on telly.

I put forward my view that a 'celebrity' likely has enough money to pay researchers to do the grunt work whereas an average person does not, and that it would be nice if the show's producers did a series about 'average' people's family histories.  Apparently this was done several years ago and it wasn't popular; people want celebrity.  Someone commented that when it comes down to it the show is about entertainment, that the show's producers are in competition with other channels, so give the viewers what they want.

If I don't know of the celebrity in question, I won't watch, so maybe there's something in that.  Then again, if the programme was about Josephine Blogg's family history, maybe I would.  Real researching doesn't happen within the hour - it takes days, weeks, months or years.  I'd love the professionals to find all the documentation for me; they know where to look after all.  Even better would be not having to pay for it.