Sunday, 30 December 2012

The end of the world is nigh

Well, another year is almost over.  Who would have thought we'd all still be here.  Between Nostradamus and the Mayans, I've been living in fear of eminent death for years (yes, I jest).

Waiting for and believing in the end of the world is not a new thing.  It's something that's been discussed, written about and promised since the year dot.  It's a certain thing that indeed one day our world will come to an end but I wonder how many young children hold that fear in their secret hearts.  Years ago when my science teacher informed the class the sun was dying, I truly thought it was going to happen in my lifetime.  It was on my mind regularly - such is the power of suggestion.

If only those in the various media would realise the impact they have on young minds.  Is it really necessary to give credence to the ramblings of doomsayers?  With the world as it is today - everything in one's face on numerous screens - there's no getting away from the mutterings of idiots and scaremongers.

A desert island's looking really good these days.